हिंदी में कवरेज के लिए यहां पढ़ें

The semi final to the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 will be held in 2017 in Uttar Pradesh. BJP, BSP, SP and Congress are expected to slog it out. After Bihar if BJP loses UP then it will be a big setback for the party. Maya is also trying to make a comeback and looks to be the front runner as of now as per opinion polls.

Politicalbaba / Politcalbaaba (PB) will be covering the polls in detail with blogs, analytical posts, insights, issues in these polls, profiles of key leaders, history of elections in the state, party prospects, projections etc. like carried out for Bihar 2015 and State Elections 2016. Each week a new post will be carried out in the build up to the polls next year in Q1. Do provide your feedback on topics covered and let me know if you want me to cover some stuff.

I. Background

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II. Thematic

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III. Opinion Polls

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IV. News Based

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V. Know Your Neta Series

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V. Historical Data of UP Elections

Party Wise Performance 1951-2012 (Seats) – Google Docs (PB)

Party Wise Performance 1951-2012 (Vote Share) – Google Docs (PB)

PB: Amitabh Suryakiran Tiwari (aka Politicalbaba), SC: Subhash Chandra