Subhash Chandra, Political Insights Consultant

Twitter Id: @schandra_100

Turnout related articles

1. Bihar Phase 1: Voter Turnout analysis

2. The Women’s voter turnout game in Bihar

Opinion Poll and Satta Bazaar related articles

3.  Bihar 2015 election: The Math of CNN IBN Survey does not work out

4.  One Chart: Accuracy of Satta Bazaar in predicting election results

5.  Bihar 2015 Final Opinion Polls: NDA crawls forward

6.  Bihar Opinion Poll Summary: BJP momentum and the battle for ‘others’

Election Campaign related articles

7.  Nitish v Modi v Rahul Speech Analysis.Mostly negative, some positive

8.  Bihar Election Speech Analysis: The confusing Nitish Kumar Strategy

Pre-Campaign/Strategy related articles

9.  Bihar 2015 Election: Tough road ahead for the BJP

10. Two Charts: Why Bihar is a very close election and the danger for RJD

11. Battle for Bihar: 5 Charts/Tables that really matter

Governance Related articles

12. Bihar 2015: Governance Review, Nitish Kumar

2014 by election related articles

13. The Bihar Bye Elections: A Different Take


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