MCD 2017

Yours truly Amitabh Tiwari aka ‘Politicalbaba’ covered MCD Elections exclusively for FirstPost. The link of articles published is provided below.

MCD Election 2017: Ten reasons why Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party might pull off a win

MCD Election 2017: Congress’ over reliance on failings of BJP instead of forcing change will prove costly

MCD Election 2017: AAP has lost ground since 2015, but BJP’s weak local leadership may hurt party

MCD Election 2017: Complex interplay of caste and class will determine the winner

MCD Election 2017: Big day for AAP, BJP and Congress; polls will have national ramifications

MCD Election 2017: Exit polls portend bad omen for AAP; is the aam aadmi dream dead?

MCD Election 2017: Irrespective of results, introspection is need of the hour for AAP

MCD Election 2017 Results: Big win for BJP proves party is reaching stature enjoyed by Congress in 1950s

MCD Elections 2017 Results: Massive victory highlights BJP’s new strategy to tackle anti-incumbency

Lessons from MCD Election 2017: Congress’ only hope in Delhi is an alliance with AAP

MCD Election 2017: Don’t write AAP’s obituary until the 2020 Assembly Polls