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Mar 10, 2021: How Mamata Banerjee will face a tough fight from BJP? (Video)

Mar 1, 2021: Why West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam And Kerala Will Witness Tough Fights In Upcoming Assembly Polls (Video)


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08 Jan, 2019: 10 Per Cent Reservation For General Category: Four Reasons Why This May Be A Political Game-Changer


21 Dec, 2018: Was Rural Distress One Of The Key Reasons For BJP’s Loss In Three States? Data Says Otherwise

20 Dec, 2018: Assembly Elections: SC-ST Atrocities Act Amendment Definitely Hurt The BJP. Here Are The Numbers.

19 Dec, 2018: Caste concerns Why BJP must clear up the muddle

15 Dec, 2018: It’s Now BJP Versus Congress In 2019, With Third Front Challenge Ruled Out

07 Dec, 2018: Video – Elect Right: The Caste Factor Runs Deep In Rajasthan Elections

07 Dec, 2018: Video – Telangana Contest Has Heated Up As Rao Is Made To Break A Sweat

07 Dec, 2018: As Rajasthan Votes Today, Here Are The Key Data Points To Look Out For

1 Dec, 2018: Was Rural Distress One Of The Key Reasons For BJP’s Loss In Three States? Data Says Otherwise

26 Nov, 2018: As Madhya Pradesh Gets Ready To Vote, Here Are 15 Data Points You Should Look At

24 Nov, 2018: Five Reasons Why K Chandrashekar Rao Is Struggling In Telangana

20 Nov, 2018: POLITICS In Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, And Chhattisgarh, It May Well Boil Down To The SC-ST Vote

15 Nov, 2018: Why Do More Muslims Vote For BJP In Madhya Pradesh Than In Any Other State?

12 Nov, 2018: Assembly Polls 2018: As Chhattisgarh Goes Out To Vote In The First Phase, Here’s A Look At Key Data Points 

29 Oct, 2018: The Savarn Andolan Has Complicated Matters For Political Parties In MP But Is Likely To Fizzle Out 

02 Nov, 2018: Why #MadhyaPradesh2018 Is Actually Six Regional Elections In One – Swarajya

18 Oct, 2018: Rajasthan Elections 2018: Why Caste Matters More Than It Does In Most States

10 Oct, 2018: Ten Things That Will Decide Who Wins In Chhattisgarh

7 Oct, 2018: State Elections 2018: Why BSP Dumped Congress Or Is It The Other Way Round?

Oct 01, 2018: Chhattisgarh 2018: Jogi Hoping To Become Another Kumaraswamy

Sep 24, 2018: Battleground Rajasthan: Seven Factors Why BJP Could Reverse The Trend And Pocket Rajasthan

Sep. 16, 2018: Key Factors That Will Dominate Chhattisgarh Assembly Election – Part I

Sep. 10, 2018: Apart From Turnout On Voting Day, Keep An Eye On NOTA For Madhya Pradesh And Chhattisgarh Elections

Sep. 03, 2018: Chhattisgarh Assembly Polls: Local Level Anti-Incumbency Will Determine The Outcome

Aug. 29, 2018: Can Congress atop elephant stop BJP juggernaut in MP?

Aug. 24, 2018: Battleground MP: BJP, Congress, Or Others – It All Boils Down To Caste-Effectiveness

Aug. 21, 2018: The Ajit Jogi Factor: Chhattisgarh Elections Will Be Too Close To Call

Aug 03, 2018: Why Retaining Rajasthan Is Crucial For The BJP

July 26, 2018: Madhya Pradesh 2018: While Congress Is Hoping For ‘Ghar Wapsi’, BJP Is Aiming For A Gujarat Repeat

June 26, 2018: BJP’s Bargaining Chip With Nitish Kumar – It Would Do Better In Bihar Without Him In 2019

June 21, 2018: ‘UP 2019’ Will Be A Test Of Social Engineering

June 7, 2018: BSP’s Biggest Challenge Might Be Mayawati Herself

May 18, 2018: Alliance Of Secularism Or Convenience? Close To 60 Per Cent Of JD(S) MLAs Defeated Congress Candidates For Their Seats

May 14, 2018: What Is Happening To Exit Polls?

May 11, 2018: As Karnataka Steps Out To Vote, Here Are 16 Points To Make Sense Of It All

May 9, 2018: #KarnatakaElections2018: Siddaramaiah’s ‘Modi Versus Me’ Strategy Is A Double Edged Sword For The Congress

Apr 27, 2018: Why A Hung Assembly May Be Advantage BJP In Karnataka

Apr 20, 2018: Has Raman Singh Silently Worked His Way To A Fourth Term As Chief Minister?

Apr 13, 2018: Is The Middle Class Looking Beyond BJP?

Apr 5, 2018: How Much Of The Left Is Likely To Be Left After Kerala 2021?

Mar 25, 2018: Modi Versus The Rest: Why An Opposition Grand Alliance Will Only Give A Fillip To BJP’s Fortunes

Mar 19, 2018: Karnataka 2018: Ten Reasons The State May Come Back To BJP

Mar 09, 2018: Mission 120+: Its Modi vs Naveen in 2019

Mar 02, 2018: Six Reasons Why Shivraj Singh Chouhan Is Still Favourite To Win In 2018

 Jul 05, 2016: How BJP Can Win A Landslide In UP

July 28, 2016: 5 controversies that marred Narasimha Rao’s political legacy

Jun 08, 2016: BJP May Benefit By Not Announcing A CM Candidate In UP

Jun 02, 2016: 2019 Could End Up Looking A Lot Like 1971

26, May 2016India’s rising unemployment should be Modi’s biggest worry

May 25, 2016Can BJP From The Government In Kerala In 2021?

24, May 2016No hope for GST Bill: Congress likely to retain Rajya Sabha majority

20, May 201610 reasons Left-Congress lost West Bengal more than Mamata won it

Apr 05, 2016: Bengal Elections Now Depend On Just One Thing: Leadership Ratings

Apr 04, 2016West Bengal: Another Bihar For BJP, Only Worse

Nov 21, 2015: Was Mohan Bhagwat’s Anti-Reservation Comment The Main Reason For BJP’s Debacle In Bihar?

Nov 10, 2015Bihar: How BJP And Allies Missed The Chemistry

Oct 16, 2015Bihar Phase 1: It Is Not What It Seems To Be