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Swarajya Hindi, 12 Nov, 2o018: 2018 विधान सभा चुनाव- छत्तीसगढ़ के चुनावों के साथ जानिए परिणाम प्रभावित करने वाले कुछ डाटा बिंदू – Swarajya Hindi

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Swarajya Hindi, 13 Aug, 2018: मध्य प्रदेश 2018: जहाँ कांग्रेस ‘घर वापसी’ की उम्मीद कर रही है, वहीं भाजपा गुजरात दोहराने का लक्ष्य रख रही है

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FirstPost, May 31, 2017: Babri Masjid row and fates of 3 BJP leaders: After sidelining Advani, Narendra Modi’s politics is bad news for Uma Bharti

The Quint, 26 May 2017Modi@3: Promise of 1 Crore Jobs Turns Out to be Another Jumla

FirstPost, May 26, 2017Maharashtra civic polls results in 2017: BJP, Congress has a lot to cheer about while regional parties lose dominance

The Quint, 26 May 2017: Modi@3: Riding the Crude Wave, Yet Failing to Fuel Consumption

FirstPost, May 20, 2017I-T raids will not deter Lalu Yadav: RJD chief has bounced back from worse crises in past

FirstPost, May 17, 2017: West Bengal civic poll results: TMC’s win establishes how non-Hindi speaking states remain to challenge for BJP

FirstPost, May 16, 2017: Nitish Kumar has no prime ministerial ambition: A clever lie to misguide BJP; signals Congress to initiate talks

FirstPost, May 14, 2017Mayawati tapes leaked by Naseemuddin Siddiqui brings back focus on the murky world of political funding

FirstPost, May 12, 2017: Presidential Election 2017: UP, Uttarakhand wins give NDA an edge as Opposition camp unify to take on BJP’s might

FirstPost, May 10, 2017EVM hacking: Is Narendra Modi govt’s delay on funding for VVPAT the root cause of all speculations?

FirstPost, May 09 2017:  Fodder scam or not, leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav will continue to thrive: Corruption isn’t a big issue for Indians

FirstPost, May 08 2017AAP in crisis: Arvind Kejriwal’s party’s meteoric rise and how things went so terribly wrong

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FirstPost, May 06 2017Shivpal Yadav starts Samajwadi storm again: How SP is struggling to counter BJP juggernaut

FirstPost, May 03 2017Kumar Vishwas decides to stay with AAP: Here’s why Arvind Kejriwal was quick to address his concerns

FirstPost, May 02 2017Presidential Election 2017: Pranab Mukherjee retires in July, this is how India elects its president

FirstPost, Apr 28, 2017MCD Election 2017: Don’t write AAP’s obituary until the 2020 Assembly polls

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The Quint, 27 March 2017IndiaSpend Data Cannot Make Congress Happy When Its Chips Are Down

FirstPost, Apr 26, 2017MCD Elections 2017 Results: Massive victory highlights BJP’s new strategy to tackle anti-incumbency

FirstPost, Apr 26, 2017MCD Election 2017 Results: Big win for BJP proves party is reaching stature enjoyed by Congress in the 1950s

FirstPost, Apr 26, 2017MCD Election 2017: Irrespective of results, introspection is need of the hour for AAP

FirstPost, Apr 26, 2017MCD Election 2017: Exit polls portend bad omen for AAP; is the aam aadmi dream dead?

FirstPost, Apr 26, 2017: MCD Election 2017: Big day for AAP, BJP, and Congress; polls will have national ramifications

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Citizen, February 02, 2017Punjab Polls: Thrilling Triangular Contest Set To Boil Down to Each Seat

Citizen, January 31, 2017Caste UnPlugged: Non-Yadav OBCs and Non-Jatav Dalits May Decide the UP Outcome

FirstPost, Jan 18, 2017: Elections 2017 will be tests for BJP’s ‘top down’ campaign strategy, Modi’s strength


FirstPost, 31 December 2016: 10 Reasons Why BJP’s Dream of Congress-Mukt Bharat Won’t Come True

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DailyO, 29, Feburary 20165 ups and 5 downs of Jaitley’s Budget 2016

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DailyO, 19, Feburary 2016: Is bad loan waiver another 2G scam?

DailyO, 12, Feburary 2016: 10 decisions Arun Jaitley must take in Budget 2016

DailyO, 8, Feburary 2016Perform or perish Air India, but spare the passenger

DailyO, 1, Feburary 2016: Modi and BJP may lose Gujarat to Congress in 2017

DailyO, 29, January 2016Forget Jungle Raj, crime is actually down in Nitish-Lalu’s Bihar

DailyO, 25, January 2016Imposing President’s Rule in Arunachal will come back to haunt Modi Sarkar

DailyO, 22, January 2016Is the Modi government UPA-3 in the making?

Yahoo Finance, 11 January 2016: Spare the common man, Mr. Jaitley!

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DailyO, 17, December 2015Why Sharad Pawar is a politician obsessed with staying in power

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DailyO, 27, November 2015: Why NDA’s minority woes won’t end till 2019 polls

Swarajyamag, Nov 21, 2015: Was Mohan Bhagwat’s Anti-Reservation Comment The Main Reason For BJP’s Debacle In Bihar?

DailyO, 20, November 2015: Why everyone is out wooing Mayawati

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DailyO, 13 November 2015Bihar poll was a three-cornered fight and the ‘others’ scored high

Swarajyamag, Nov 10, 2015Bihar: How BJP And Allies Missed The Chemistry

DailyO, 7, November 2015: Forget exit polls, Bihar’s verdict will be a Game of Others

DailyO, 6, November 2015From Chanakya to C-Voter: What exit polls do not predict about Bihar

Hindustan Times, Nov 04, 2015Leadership ratings: Is it the biggest clue to Bihar election results?

DailyO, 4 November, 201511 reasons why the last phase of Bihar polls will change everything

Sawarjyamag, Oct 16, 2015Bihar Phase 1: It Is Not What It Seems To Be

Hindustan Times, Feb 25, 2015Budget 2015: Salaried class looks forward to PM Modi with great hopes

Hindustan Times, Jan 14, 2015Kejriwal vs Modi again? All is not lost for AAP in Delhi


Hindustan Times, Dec 02, 2014Will Jharkhand see a fractured mandate again?

Hindustan Times, Nov 24, 2014State of affairs in Jharkhand as it heads for elections

Faking News, 03, Nov 2015: The Plight of Poor Karyakartas in Bihar Elections

Hindustan Times, Jul 17, 2014BJP attempt to form govt in Delhi akin to hara-kiri

Hindustan Times, Jul 16, 2014Will the budget really usher in ‘acche din’ for India?

Hindustan Times, Jul 10, 2014: Why petrol products subsidies should be done away with

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Faking News, 13, Feb 2014: Farnab interviews Fahul

Faking News, 04, Nov 2013: Skit – A Day in Parliament

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