BIHAR 2015

Bihar was a cracker of an elections where Lalu-Nitish jodi recorded a stupendous victory.

Politicalbaaba covered the elections in detail with extensive coverage of the polls, unique research, pre-poll projections, phase wise overview, exit poll analysis and post poll verdict analysis.

During this 4 month journey many of PB’s articles were published in prestigious news websites like Hindustan Times, DailyO (India Today Group), Swarajyamag and Niticentral.

A big thanks to all for your love, affection, criticism and support.


1. Bihar Polls – A Curtain-raiser

2. Bihar Polls: SWOT Analysis of Janata Parivaar Alliance

3. Is it the end of saga called Lalu?

4. Caste is cast in stone in Bihar politics

5. Law & Order Situation in Bihar – A Statistical Perspective

6. Decoding the seat sharing between Lalu-Nitish in Bihar

7. Owaisi to Lalu: Here I come

8. Will Muslims & Mahadalits decide the fate of BIhar polls?

9. Seat sharing muddle of NDA in Bihar

10. Probable Spoliers in Bihar Elections

11. Opinion Polls add to the suspense in Bihar Polls

12. Poll: Who will win Bihar Assembly elections?

13. Phase-wise Election Schedule of Bihar

14. Why NDA is expected to win Bihar?

15. Quiz Contest on Bihar Elections

16. 2010 Assembly Polls Seat Wise Results with Margins

17. Who will win Bihar? – Part I

18. Politicalbaaba Bihar Projections

19. Who will win Bihar? – Part II

20. Who will win Bihar? – Part III

21. Who will win Bihar? – Part IV

22. Who will win Bihar? – Part V (Final)

23. Opinion Poll Summary Table



24. Overview of Phase I

25. Grand Master Sheet of Phase 1 of Bihar Elections

26. Post Poll Update Phase 1

27. Overview of Phase 2

28. Grand Master Sheet Phase 2

29. Post Poll Update Phase 2

30. Phase 1: Its not what it seems to be

31. PB Projections Phase 1 & 2 Combined

32. Phase 3 Master Sheet

33. Overview of Phase 3

34. Seat Wise Analysis & Dynamics of Phase 3

35. The Many Contradictions of Bihar Polls

36. Will Manjhi be the Mountain Man for BJP in Bihar?

37. What may be working and what may not be working for Nitish in Bihar Elections?

38. The Bihar Cricket Match

39. How Bihar elections is uncannily similar to Delhi elections?

40. Phase 3: Post Poll Update

41. Phase 4 Overview

42. Master Sheet Phase 4

43. Phase 4 Post Poll Update

44. Phase 5 Overview

45. Master Sheet Phase 5

46. 11 Reasons why Phase V will change everything

46. Phase 5 Predictions & Who will win Bihar

47. 10 Reasons Why NDA could have done better in Phase V

48. Leadership ratings: Is it the biggest clue to Bihar election results?


49. From Chanakya to C-Voter what exit polls don’t tell you about Bihar

50.Forget exit polls, Bihar will be a game of Others

51. How Bihar exit polls re-inforce my 5 statements

52. Bihar Exit Polls Summary


53. Bihar reposes faith in Nitish Kumar

54. How the Captain and the Vice Captain Failed Team NDA?

55. How BJP & Allies missed the Chemistry?

56. Did the anti-reservation comment impact BJP performance in Bihar?

57. Why Lalu will not make Nitish Kumar the biggest loser of Bihar elections

58. How Manjhi failed to be the mountain man of BJP in Bihar

59. Six reasons why BJP should have declared a CM candidate in Bihar

60. Bihar Polls was a 3 cornered fight and the others scored high



      1. Wel uptil now, the blog has been no more than a collectio of views on a range of topics about India (even politics). But I am now open to the idea of having guest posts or even syndicated/occasional bloggers on the site.


  1. When will u post the seat wise analysis and prediction on second phase of Poll in BIHAR which is scheduled to be held tmrw


      1. Yea… Very good description… Are the coming 3 phases comprise of the real strong holds of NDA?


    1. Thanks. But I have a query. When I see electronic and print media in the last few weeks, predominantly they are indicating that NDA is not doing well in Bihar. In fact, some media persons like Rajdeep Sardesai or Choubey of CNN-IBN go to the extend of predicting Mahagatbandhan sweep. They have been projecting a negative scenario for BJP/NDA since the beginning of October. On the basis of what data, are they doing this?


  2. Hi, as per economic times article, satta bazaar is favoring Grand alliance whereas till a couple of days back they were favoring NDA. All looks rather confusing.


    1. It is a close elections as I have mentioned in all posts and you must have noticed. It will boil down to each seat. Each seat has its own dynamics. NDA has an advantage and I feel and as I mentioned in the post in the afternoon NDA 127 MGB 111 & Others 5 will be final tally.


  3. Sir….as you have predicted aaj tak cicero also predicting same….Its taking higher and lower number of your prediction…like its showing 111 to 124 to mahagatbandhan and 114 to 127 to NDA….it means your prediction may come right…..


  4. Sir…if mahagatbandhan had not done well in the last phase then as your predictions it cant win election….Chances of NDA increases….what is your opinion????


  5. Guys, Stop publishing non sense in the name of opinion / exit polls. Psephology is is its diapers in India and no amount of on-the-ground knowledge is sufficient to predict the outcome of complex elections like in India. Add to it, the Sickulars and Prestitutes that influence people’s mind in all possible ways. Let’s face it.


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