Farm Reforms | PM Narendra Modi’s reassurance to farmers comes at the right time

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the farmers of Madhya Pradesh on December 18 as part of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government’s big outreach to annadatas as the stalemate over the three farm laws enters its fourth week. The issue has also reached the corridors of the Supreme Court.

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One comment

  1. oh bro, modi bhagat. please visit the delhi borders where the farmers are struggling sacrificing their lives in this extreme winter, where you can’t think of going out.In this pandemic situation where the liar PM was telling people to stay safe at homes, what was so necessary to urgently pass these 3 bills. This is not the topic of Center government to interfere, this should be kept in the hands of individual states. I bet this time Modi will loose the elections and BJP will see the real face of the people. Just try to see the reality brother. No government can win without people.i saw your articles and you have one sided views, but at the ground level the reality is different. People are fed up from the Modi government and its initiatives. Especially his behavior of providing special powers to the corp orates.


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