Politicalbaaba’s Pre-poll Coverage of #BiharElections Ends

http://www.politicalbaaba.com pre-poll coverage of Bihar Elections 2020 ends with voting for Phase 3 today.

Around 30 articles covering various dimensions were published in various platforms including Yahoo, Quint, BloombergQuint, Moneycontrol, QuintHindi etc.

Video appearances for CNBC-Awaaz, Swarajya and India Ahead News channel.

Thanks for all your support, guidance and valuable feedback. Now focus on exit poll and results. Do read all analysis on blog and catch me on live appearances.

04 Nov, 2020: #BiharElections2020: 28 seats could decide Congress-JD(U) fate (Money Control)

05 Nov, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Why Nitish Kumar Needs A Low Voter Turnout To Win (Quint)

05 Nov, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Tejashwi’s ‘risk hai to ishk hai’ strategy strikes a chord in Bihar (Yahoo)

03 Nov, 2020: #BiharElections2020: RJD Is Social Media ‘Winner’. But Will This Trend Influence Votes? (Quint)

02 Nov, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Why phase-2 polls are crucial to the final outcome (Yahoo)

30 Oct, 2020: #BiharElection2020: Turnout, undecided voters and hawa will play a crucial role (Money Control)

30 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Why the Modi factor is crucial to Bihar polls (Yahoo)

28 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Vote transfer between partners will decide outcome (Yahoo)

28 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: 10 data points that will determine the outcome of the Bihar election (Yahoo)

28 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Tejashwi Yadav must focus on local to have an edge (Money Control)

28 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: As Bihar Votes, All The Key Stats You Need To Know (Bloomberg Quint)

27 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Why Opinion Polls Favouring JDU’s Nitish Kumar May Go Wrong (Video- Swaraj)

27 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Who has the upper hand? (Yahoo)

22 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: कप्तान तेजस्वी को बिहार का मैच जीतना है तो उपकप्तान को चमकना होगा (Quint Hindi)

21 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: In Game of Bihar Poll, Tejashwi Needs Vice-Captain Congress to Win (Quint)

21 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: what’s working, what’s not for Nitish and Tejashwi (Yahoo)

21 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Can BJP break from JD(U)’s shackles in Bihar? (Money Control)

14 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: बिहार चुनाव 2020: क्या दलित और महादलित बनेंगे किंगमेकर? (Quint Hindi)

14 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: What’s the road ahead for Nitish Kumar and JD(U)? (Money Control)

13 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Will MBCs, Dalits & Mahadalits Play Kingmaker? (Quint)

07 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: बिहार चुनाव: तेजस्वी का नया गेम प्लान, कास्ट और क्लास की जुगलबंदी (Quint Hindi)

07 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Will Tejashwi’s ‘Caste-Class’ Strategy Succeed? (Quint)

05 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Bihar चुनाव, NDA में दरार? विपक्षी महागठबंधन की कैसे लगेगी नैया पार? (Video- CNBC Awaaz)

03 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Bihar Polls: Will ‘TINA’ Help Nitish Win Despite Anti-Incumbency? (The Quint)

01 Oct, 2020: #BiharElections2020: 10 major factors that will impact Bihar elections (Yahoo)

29 Sep, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Bihar Polls: Will Modi ‘Help’ Nitish Win Despite ‘Differences’? (Quint)

28 Sep, 2020: #BiharElections2020: Why the NDA is likely to sweep Bihar polls (Yahoo)

22 Sep, 2020: #BiharElections2020: बिहार चुनाव : राज्य की राजनीति ने दुश्मनों को भी सिखा दी दोस्ती (Quint Hindi)

See full coverage of Bihar Elections 2020 here.

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