#BiharElections2020: What’s working, What’s not for Nitish and Tejashwi


Phase 1 of Bihar elections is due on October 28, in just a week from now. Electionmahaulhas been created. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has hit the campaign trail. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is joining themelaon October 23.

The two Chief Ministerial faces Nitish and Tejashwi are sweating it out on the ground holding rallies and wooing voters. The election scene is also getting ugly with JD(U) calling Tejashwi ‘9th fail’ and RJD calling Nitish ‘palturam’

Tejashwi has dared Nitish to join him for a chief ministerial debate stating that the tradition should start from Bihar.

Although Tejashwi is drawing good crowds and closing the gap, all polls predict an NDA victory with seats ranging from 133 to 161 in its favour.

In this article we will analyse what’s working and what’s not for Nitish and Tejashwi.

What’s working for Nitish

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