#BiharElections2020: Will MBCs, Dalits & Mahadalits Play Kingmaker?


The filing of nominations for Phase 1 of the Bihar elections, which will be held on 28 October, closed last week. Notifications for Phase 2 have also been issued. Poll fever is gripping Bihar. Allegations and counter allegations are flying in the air. JD(U)’s “Nitish sabke hain”is being countered by RJD’s “Aane waali hai Tejashwi sarkaar’’.

In Bihar Politics, Caste is Cast In Stone

Upper castes account for 15 percent, Yadavs 14 percent, Muslims 17 percent, SCs 16 percent, Non Yadav OBCs (NYOBC) 36 percent, STs 1 percent, and Others 2 percent of the population. Kurmis 4 percent (Nitish comes from this community) and Koeris / Kushwahas 8 percent are covered under NYOBCs. NYOBC is a term which is mostly used in Uttar Pradesh politics, however.

In Bihar, ‘Most Backward Caste’ or ‘Extremely Backward Caste’ (MBC / EBC) is a category which is frequently mentioned. It is…

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