#BiharElections2020: A Curtain Raiser


Bihar elections are set to be held in October-November this year. Politics of Bihar has always had a national importance. This would be the first state election to be held amidst covid-19. Nitish Kumar has been the Chief Minister for 15 years sans the brief interruption when he anointed Jiten Ram Manjhi as CM. Kumar will not have an easy run owing to anti-incumbency despite support from India’s largest party, BJP. From the test of Narendra Modi’s popularity to Covid management and migrant issue, a lot would be in play this year’s potboiler election, including caste arithmetic.

Anti-incumbency in play

Fifteen years in power is a long time to develop natural anti-incumbency. A sort of lethargy, boredom starts creeping into voters’ minds. Many top politicians have lost elections while seeking a re-election for the fourth term says a trend with Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Madhya Pradesh), Raman Singh (Chhattisgarh), Sheila Dixit…

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