Kejriwal removing Kumar Vishwas as party in charge while widening rift in party, indicates Rajasthan not on priority list for AAP

This was expected. Specially after Kumar Vishwas was denied party ticket for Rajya Sabha polls and publicly expressed his displeasure. Regional parties in India are personality oriented with one clear leader. Kumar’s constant tiff with Kejriwal meant sooner or later Delhi CM will show him who’s the boss. Kumar may now leave party and join BJP with which he has been flirting for long. He may continue to stay in the party and try to create a block against Kejriwal.
This decision also indicates that Rajasthan is not on the priority list of AAP. Its mainly a  bipolar state, keenly contested between Congress and BJP. It has exhibited a strong history of alternate governments. In line with the trend BJP lost two Lok Sabha seats by big margins to Congress in recently concluded by-polls.
Congress has deep roots in the state and good leadership in the form of Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. AAP realizes it doesn’t have much scope here. Kejriwal feels that he needs to focus energy in states where there is an opening. After Delhi and Punjab, recently he has been touring Haryana and that seems to be the focus area for the party. Kejriwal belongs to the state and AAP hopes to exploit anti-incumbency against the BJP government, deteriorating law and order, reservation issue, etc. The Congress party has weakened in the state and INLD doesn’t enjoy credibility. This is where AAP sees a chance!
So the decision has political as well as personal overtones.

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