Performance of Congress Government in Karnataka

Economic Front

  • Karnataka is amongst the top 5 states that have successfully managed high growth levels while keeping their fiscal deficits below 3% in the last five years (FY13-17) as per CRISIL.
  • It is ranked 6th among Top 16 states on the basis of growth, inflation and fiscal position.
  • GDP Growth 7.6% vs All India 6.9% (rank 5), Debt to GDP ratio below All India 24% (rank 3), Fiscal Deficit to GDP ratio below FRBM target of 3% (rank 4).


  • State runs a revenue account surplus.
  • Karnataka is one of the better performing states in terms of fiscal position. The only downside risk to the state’s fiscal position is the Rs. 8,615 of farm loan waiver announced by it (spread over 2-3 years starting fiscal 2018). (Source: CRISIL)
  • However, it is the worst performing in terms of inflation, 7.7% vs All India 6.8% in last 5 years.
  • Few people understand Debt to GDP, Fiscal Deficit terms, but everybody feels the pinch of high inflation.
  • It is one of the top issues in each elections. Will it be Congress govt.’s undoing in 2018?


Social Indicators

  • Karnataka’s HDI rank has improved from 9 in 2007-08 to 8 in 2014 as per Mint report. However, both Congress and BJP would need to be credited for this.
  • Karnataka has a better HDI score of 0.6176 than All India score of 0.6087 for 2015. It is ranked 8th in India.

Law & Order

  • The rate of crime (IPC) in Karnataka has increased from 224.7 per lakh of population in 2013 to 237.2 in 2016.
  • Karnataka’s share in total crime in the country has remained at 5% levels.
  • However, increase in crime in Bengaluru is a big concern. City has overtaken Mumbai to take the second position among metropolitan cities in 2016.
  • Crime in city has increased by 28% in 2016 vs 2015, recent high profile case being Gauri Lankesh in day light murder.


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