A Bitter Contest in Karnataka – Siddaramaiah vs Yeddyurappa

  • A very bitter battle on the anvil. Congress and BJP taking potshots at each other.
  • Yeddyurappa and Siddaramaiah continuously quarrelling on twitter. Runs the risk of key issues being ignored.

 Congress backing separate religion demand of Lingayats

  • BJP is trying to consolidate Hindu votes and ensuring Congress AHINDA plan fails.
  • Siddaramaiah is countering this move by backing a demand by a section of community to accord separate religion status to Lingayats.

Hindutava versus the Kannada pride

  • BJP’s plans to polarise the Hindu vote by playing the Hindutava card is being countered by Siddaramaiah by playing the Kannada pride card.
  • He has raised issues like separate flag for state, reviving and preserving the language, Hindi signboards and the Mahadayi water sharing issue to ignite the Kannada sentiment.
  • This is very similar to the Gujarati Asmita card played by the BJP in Gujarat.

Gujarat versus Karnataka model

  • Siddaramaiah is aggressively positioning the achievements of his government. Charts, messages showing how Karnataka has performed better than Gujarat are being widely circulated on social media.
  • This way the Chief Minister is not shying away from directly taking on the BJP’s best governance model.

 Mission vs Commission Government

  • Modi has accused the Congress of spreading “lies and repeated lies”.
  • He accused Siddaramaiah is running a 10% commission government.
  • Urged people to vote for a ‘mission’ government.

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