Congress changes strategy from ‘localization in Gujarat’ to ‘Presidential style’ in Karnataka 

  • Congress is buoyed by its performance in Gujarat elections and Rajasthan by-polls.
  • Rahul ran an effective on the ground campaign in Gujarat focusing on local issues.
  • Partly succeeded in making the contest into 182 mini contests rather than for ‘one state’ as projected by Modi.
  • However, Karnataka is a different ball game.
  • Here Congress is the incumbent and will have to battle natural anti-incumbency.
  • Rahul realizes that a localized campaign here would not work.
  • Because there will always be a road, a school, a hospital which would not have been built.
  • Certain manifesto promises are work in progress, not yet fully implemented. Some are difficult to implement because of practical considerations.
  • Congress strategy is Effort to keep issues at the state level, project good work of Siddaramaiah govt.
  • Strategy is to contest on a combined leadership strength of Siddaramaiah his popularity among AHINDA complemented by Rahul’s increasing popularity ratings.
  • Essentially converting the elections into Presidential style.
  • Rahul began his campaign in Ballary attacking Modi and Congress at national level.
  • Attempt is to play on anger which is slowly developing against centre – jobs, agri distress, Rafael deal, Nirav Modi scam.
  • In same way, Modi talked about everything apart from Gujarat model in elections there.
  • However, this strategy entails a risk of pitting Rahul vs Modi.


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