Daily News Tadka – 27.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day..

1. Raghuram Rajan’s term at RBI should not be of media’s interest, says PM Modi

It is one thing to say that a discussion would be premature . But obviously the media should be interested in anything which concerns the country. Globally Central Bankers appointments and extensions are discussed extensive since their decisions affect the lives of common man.

2. Mamata sworn in WB CM

The time, money, efforts and all sorts of collective propaganda wars and other personality smearing campaigns relentlessly and mercilessly carried on by the BJP (from the PM, Modi and Shah downward to the lowest BJP/RSS workers) seem to have miserably failed in defeating the clear hold Mamamta Banejee has in West Bengal. Like a Jayallithaa, Mamata Banerjee too has shown her capacity to withstand all adversaries in Electoral politics.

3. BJP has given ‘decisive’ government: Amit Shah

So, Shah is admitting that in the past two years, no promises were fulfilled, and will be fulfilled in the next three years. He might want to be sure on this promise to fulfill the promises because earlier this year, Modi extended the date for his promises to 2022. Power and water for all by 2022, 5 crore houses for poor by 2022, toilets for all by 2022, this by 2022, that by 2022.

4. Nothing Has Changed in Varanasi in 2 Years: Digvijaya Singh

If not the Congress, any other party had been there since independence, the present condition of the country would have been the same. If there was corruption all these years, anyone in their place would have done that. Just provide opportunity to anyone to be corrupt, a thief, they will do that. As you go on, there are various new methods employed to prevent corruption, to evade tax but some still know how to get around that too and many cannot. It is just like the mobile tracking system or the CCTV that has prevented many crimes from happening in the present but crimes still happen.

5. SBI’s Bad Loans Jump To Staggering Rs. 1 Lakh Crore, Profit Slumps 66%

RBI should get special Audit investigation through Independent Chartered accountants ‘ Team as to unearth possible frauds going on.There may be some frauds going on as Advances were not properly monitored.Out of the provisions made,the recoveries made subsequently can be ignored.The officials in charge of credit appraisals and those supposed to monitor should be thoroughly questioned for mismanagement.

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