Daily News Tadka – 26.05.2016

PB’s Twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Jaitley says he disapproves personal attacks on Raghuram Rajan

What evidence is there that confidential and sensitive information was passed on to someone abroad? If evidence is available the same should have been produced. The next question that arises is whether the RBI Governor passed on such information for a consideration. This allegation is a serious one and should not have been made without solid basis.

2. Maken terms Kejriwal ‘mini Modi’ for spending on ads

Advertising is invariably for spreading lies. The best course for the Congress party is to prove that wrong claims are being made through ads. Spending on ads is secondary issue. No political party takes pains to nail the lies. Much more money is being spent on rallies of the parties. Where is the money coming from?

3. I am Pradhan Sevak, not PM: PM Narendra Modi

Modi says that not one story of corruption against his govt is in circulation. It is still early time for such things to come to public domain and if you do not take decisions you stay honest. Up till now Modi is in election mode and has not yet started to govern, keeping the whole country in election mode. The rules & codes of business in the govt are such that the moment you take a decision involving out go of public money, you are bound to be accused of one violation or the other. In last two years, no big ticket purchase has been concluded so naturally no taint of corruption is visible. Let Rafale happen and the corruption story will start floating.


4. Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ Doesn’t Make Me Saffron Demon: Smriti Irani

It was this Columbia Alumni interviewing with a non-graduate of a vague Indian university; in a nation where quoting a Chomsky is more in order than any ancient wisdom from Gita or Ramayana or vachana or thirukkural, it took more than just courage for the Minister to handle whatever was thrown at her.

5. ‘Modi-mukt’ country after 2019: Congress leader C P Joshi

This is problem with Congress, instead of working on their on weakness and strength, they waste their energy in negative campaigning against BJP. Spoken for the sake of speaking. Frankly, when has has BJP won in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal? What has this got to do with Modi”s popularity? On the other hand, fed up of Congress, Assam voted BJP into power for the first time!

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