Daily News Tadka – 24.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. MP HC Admits PIL Against Sonia, Rahul in National Herald Case

Young India is alleged to have sold the land without the permission of Bhopal Development Authority. There was a hearing on National Herald case in Delhi HC on Apr 18. After hearing all the arguments, Judge Teji kept his orders ‘reserved’ and he is still hatching it over a month later! Any one knows what is the status on this?

2. UP Polls: BSP Supporters Bank on Mayawati Statues

That will really get votes. A prominent reminder of her arrogant administration where she spent more money on statues and her jewelry than on the welfare of her voters. What a brilliant tactic.
One cable, named “Portrait of a Lady”, recently published by WikiLeaks describes the 55-year-old Mayawati as, “a first-rate egomaniac who is obsessed with becoming prime minister”.

3. Credit to Modi for Depoliticising Rail Bhavan: Suresh Prabhu

With a recent interview with a news channel, Suresh Prabhu praised Modi for his work in the rail bhavan. Supporting his party member’s work, he pointed out Modi’s recent achievements.

4. To Sidestep Pakistan, PM Modi Embraces An Iranian Port

It is great that we are countering the China-Pakistan nexus. Strategically we need to counter China’s influence in other countries while cooperating with countries like the US, Vietnam Nam, S Korea, Japan, Philippines, Australia etc while weaning away Sri Lanka, Myanmar, etc to encircle China. We must encourage the unrest in Balochistan to divert the attention of the Pak Army while creating nuisance in the Gwadar port.

5. Sonia Urged to Give RS Ticket to Muslim candidate from MP

Congressmen still didn’t understand the reason for loosing elections. Appeasing one community at the cost of others don’t go well and people will indeed switch to other parties.

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