Daily News Tadka- 23.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Amma mia! Jaya’s Day 1 as CM

Free power to power looms, reducing tasmac working hours is cool, waiving crop loans, maybe. But 4 to 8 grams of gold? 100 units of power? 25-50k monetary assistance?
Along with all her new promise fulfillment, they was minor controversy with Stalin getting furious over his seating arrangements. It is a welcome change to see the leader of the opposition party attending the swearing in ceremony after a pretty long time. The Chief Minister could have shown some courtesy, a gesture that would have augured well for the state.

2. BJP seeks Kejriwal’s apology for ‘defaming’ Goa

Kejriwal is merely stating the truth and he left out mentioning the Russian and other drug Mafias. All previous regimes have to be blamed for the state of affairs in Goa, the BJP has been in power for less than 5 years, so I fail to see why they are so uptight.
Why do politician always ask other politician to apologize, may be political parties want to show public that he his wrong or vote bank policy.

3. BJP making Sonowal’s swearing a gala event

I think they are trying to send the message to the remaining North-East states about the change.
Next we will see that the opposing parties shall file a petition for expenses incurred and the press shall carry it as headline once the amount is known and debate it for days.

4. Harish Rawat Asked to Appear Before CBI in Sting Operation Probe

CBI must ensure conviction of Harish Rawat. It should not be made laughter case as happening time and again. Rawat is trying move the case out of CBI hand. Know that Mr. Narendra Modi also appeared before the SIT when he was CM of Gujarat. Why Rawat is afraid to get the clean chit after proper investigation?

5. Nitish Kumar Failed to Ensure Law and Order in Bihar, Says RJD MP

I suspect that JD(U) is trying to get back into NDA and likely to break with RJD and form a fresh NDA govt in Bihar with BJP.
This situation is continuing since last 25 years of RJD-JD(U) regime but no progress is visible in any part of state. The people are solely responsible for electing corrupt and worst governance time and again. Now both parties are blaming each other for non-development and complete anarchy in state resulted in worst suffering by people of state since nothing is moving in present government.

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