Daily News Tadka – 14.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. US Backs India For Nuclear Club Entry As China, ‘Several’ Others See Red

While every bhakt praises Modi’s handiwork in this, they need to understand that when Chinese do something against India, it is despite Modi’s “swing”. If US does something for India, it is because of ” long-standing diplomatic relationship”.

2. Rs 570 Crore Seized in TN is Prima Facie Suspect Cash: EC

Come elections it’s for the E C to go for the kill. With such hauls there need be no problem to finance elections. Black money is flourishing and kicking in the country. Armed with the money looted from people they are shown the dream of paradise in earth and then they get the power to rule.

3. Uttarakhnd Government Hand-In-Glove With Criminals: BJP

All political parties are hand-in-glove with criminals. Nowadays more and more candidates with criminal back-ground win elections. It will not be a surprise if criminals dominate all the political parties.

4. Congress, CPI-M in Kerala Exudes Confidence of Victory

The contest is so close and unpredictable even now. With little luck, either UDF or LDF can squeeze in. Only time will tell that who is gaining and who is losing in Kerala. But people of Kerala need to be very careful about its vote.

5. India’s GDP likely to expand by 7.7% in FY17′

We are at very low base and need GDP to grow much more and in inclusive fashion . Poor can progress if uses cheaper and un-subsidized rather than costly which he can not ill afford and subsidized which does not reach him in this corrupt nation .

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