Daily News Tadka – 13.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. BJP-led NDA only alternative for Kerala: Prabhu

Prabhu termed the charges by those rescued from Libya that the Centre had done nothing to help them as “politically motivated”.

2. Govt accuses Congress of politically blocking GST

One is not sure about the importance of RS in present scenario.The Upper house [comprised of Thinker/ professionals/ non political persons from cross section of society] which is supposed to guide the nation has become full of loyalists to political parties or non electable politicians, who hardly think about the nation and the developmental issues which are of utmost important for this country and the citizens.

3. India’s New Trademark, Patent, IPR Policy

There are so many such key initiative taken by Govt but Media never show these news with importance. Good move. Intellectual property policy has to be in place to prevent infringements against patented ideas.

4. In 24 Hours, Two Journalists Shot Dead In Bihar And Jharkhand

Is this what you call Jungle Raj? Killing of fourth pillar of democracy is equally condemnable and perpetrator should be bought to book immediately.

5. ‘Italy May Out PM Modi Meeting If…’: Agusta Middleman’s New Claim

A broker accused of corruption, has to tell many things to get out of the case. Wonder how easily he is accessible to selected media houses even though he is a absconder from 3 jurisdiction.

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