Can BJP open account in Kerala this time?


The article has been co-authored by Savvya Saachi (political analyst from Kerala) and yours truly Politicalbaaba.

We have been listening to the very same question for decades. The most literate state in India is yet to give a single seat to the largest party in India. BJP lost 2 seats in 2011 Assembly Elections between cup and lips (Manjeshwar 5.8k and Nemom 6.4k) while they lost Trivandrum Parliament Constituency by a whisker (1.8% margin).

Kerala has always remained a fertile land for Sangh Parivar. This is the state where RSS has got highest number of Sakhas in India (4,500) but not even a single MLA / MP leave aside govt. formation.

Why BJP has failed to open account in Kerala?

Even after having such an advantage, party has not been able to t reap the benefits of this strong organizational base until now. Some of the significant reasons are given…

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