Daily News Tadka – 07.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. India’s foreign exchange reserves rise to $363 billion

Let us look at what is happening in the world. Why are China and Russia accumulating Gold in fantastic quantities; why has China, Saudi Arabia and many oil countries stopped buying U.S. Debt.  It is high time that we should invest a good amount of these reserves for developing our own infrastructure and the betterment for millions of citizens in this country; the children getting proper nutrition, proper education, proper medical care.

2. Modi to Meet CMs of UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka Over Drought Crisis

Yadav, who has been engaged in a war of words with the central government over its offer of supplying water through trains, said the Centre and state governments need to work together. Yesterday the crooked nose UP govt refused the water train sent by Modi and today this.

3. AAP vs BJP vs Congress: It’s a three-way war over Agusta chopper row

It seems like its Kejriwal’s response to BJP’s allegations of him trying to “deflect attention” at a time a debate over alleged kickbacks in the supply of 12 choppers to the Indian Air Force in the UPA regime.

4. Court summons Kejriwal for insulting Delhi cops

He will never get tired of receiving summons from courts. Crime is crime and it should not be taken lightly as Kejriwal has taken it. Now, he has to pray for excuse in the court which itself will be very derogatory for the post of Chief Minister of Delhi.

5. Uttarakhand floor test: Congress, BJP issue whips to MLAs

Which Party? Both the BJP and Congress are issuing the whip.  In case MLAs fail to attend tomorrow’s meeting, whip will be served to them through Collector of the concerned district.

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