Daily News Tadka – 04.05.201

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Invisible hand prevented probe earlier in AgustaWestland deal: Manohar Parrikar

A few important take aways for future of governance and scam prevention – 1) Introduction of e-governance whereby tenders, award, rejection etc are recorded electronically with clear cut identification of user ids and auto archival on closure of tenders / files. This will prevent destruction of physical files and hidden hands which influence decisions. 2) The ministers interventions on any project / procurement has to be recorded electronically by way of e-mail appendages to the bureaucrats involved with the project/file so as to put the minister on record.

2. Odd-even not a long-term remedy, admits Kejriwal

Kejriwal and his AAP party can blow their own trumpet of success. He simply does not understand that people used more bikes/2wheelers and taxis in place of their own cars in the absence of sufficient public transport. In fact people of Delhi were not only challaned Rs.2000 but they were fleeced by cabs and autos. Except AAP party”s nominated agency for pollution check, all other agencies quoting that pollution level has risen many days during 2nd odd even scheme have been branded wrong!

3. Modi Govt Changing Colour Faster Than Chameleon: Shiv Sena

We can not call this Shiv Sena even as a local party and talking and criticizing like National party. This is like big brother of AAP,  in criticizing the ruling Government.

4. West Bengal: Political Parties go All Out to Woo Enclave Voters

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is heading the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre, also took the credit of resolving the enclave problems. Striking a different note, the CPI(M), however, refuted the claims by TMC and BJP and said that both the parties had stalled the enclave exchange during the United Progressive Alliance rule.

5. Rahul Gandhi to Lead Party Across the Country: Congress

Rahul Gandhi’s supporters are pitching for his takeover as party chief sooner than later. He was made the party Vice President at the Jaipur Chintan shivir in January 2013. He should be more concerned about retaining his Lok Sabha seat in a few years, let alone the country.

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