Daily News Tadka – 03.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Sonia Gandhi meets party leaders on AgustaWestland issue

She had spoiled her name by supporting various scams during her time. Whatever she may do to defend her action cannot make any change in people mind.

2. Vijay Mallya’s resignation from Rajya Sabha turned down

Loans have been taken by his listed company and not by him in his personal capacity. So the question of disclosure of liabilities to Rajya Sabha earlier while becoming member does not arise. At present his personal guarantee for loans taken by his company is sought to be enforced and rightly so. This post is only to clarify this misunderstanding and not in any way to justify his action of running away from justice.

3. Delhi government moves Supreme Court for relaxing ban on diesel cabs

Interesting. During odd even formula time, public was parking petrol cars at home and hiring diesel taxis. And agencies were checking pollution levels throughout Delhi. How Delhi public was fooled.

4. #JusticeForJisha : political slugfest over Kerala Rape Horror

” Intestines ripped apart” reading the story, wonder how much pain and suffering a sister and daughter of this country went through before dying helplessly.
Indian police boasts itself very strict and vigilant, when the crimes are happening right under its nose. What you bring into the police cader is what you shall auger, if you bring in garbage into police cadre, off course the results of you policing result in garbage.

5. VVIP Chopper Scam: BJP Accuses Rahul of Playing Victim Card

“I am always targeted; I am happy to be targeted,” Gandhi told reporters while entering Parliament House.
With your and your families acts, you always present yourself as the target, more than someone targeting you. Introspect RaGa, introspect.

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