Daily News Tadka – 02.05.2016

PB’s twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Embattled liquor baron Vijay Mallya resigns as Rajya Sabha MP

The ill-will defaulter Vijay Mallya expects a fair trial in India for his non-payment of loans to SBI/IDBI banks. He ran away from this country with a motive to throw dust in the eyes of bank officials who favoured him in granting loans beyond the credit limits applicable to him. He has made stigma to the Corporate World in the Indian soil, for his intentional default of loan repayment. You borrowed funds for running the business of KFL. But you have built up a new empire abroad with this borrowed funds. Why this deviation.

2. SBI lowers lending rates by 5 bps to 9.15%

This benefit should be passed on to home buyers and not manipulated by banks to increase their profits.faith in the system should be maintained and business ethics have to remain in check.

3. Cong expects Rahul to be party chief this year

The gloom and doom of Congress will continue. Rahul Gandhi put the final nail in the coffin with his TV interview. No Vision, No Mission, No Stature, No Thought, No Clarity, No Maturity, No Oratory, No Poise, Only Noise, No Shine, Only Whine, No Opinion, No Polish, No Plan, No Appeal, No Inspiration, No Motivation, No Self Light, No Insight.

4. Opposition alleges ‘selective leaks’ on chopper deal

The Nation wants to know whether Jayaram Ramesh and Anand Sharma are opposing the file noting on file by Defense Minister and the things happening in a matter of 72 hours. Are they prefer to be anti National in support of their party president?

5. Congress Accuses Modi of Doctoring Info on Birth Date, Education

Is these are really issues? It shows congress is bankrupt of issues, and loosing people support,will become 4MPs in next election.

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