Daily News Tadka – 1.05.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day. 

1. PM Modi reaches out to Nishads with e-boats

Some of the statements simply are not true. Five hundred savings in fuel but about at least two times the cost for a solar cells and battery with most components imported. Compare the price of TEsla with ordinary cars. Only super rich can buy them now. People are ready to believe anything being thrown at them. Totally ridiculous claims and lot of naive believers.

2. Mamata threatens cops for locking party offices

That the EC has transgressed its Constitutional limits and have oppressed the voters of Bengal in an unprecedented 45 degree Celsius by unnecessarily dragging the election process to more than a month in order to help the opposition which has been discarded by people since 2011 till date. There is evidence that the EC is biased against the CM and the ruling party to get rewards from China via CPI(M) offices in Delhi and Kolkata.

3. India, China armies agree to keep peace in Ladakh

A spokesman for the army’s Udhampur-headquartered Northern Command told IANS that the two armies held Border Personnel Meetings with their senior commanders as part of efforts to build cordial ties.
Sensible but the Red Dragon cannot be trusted.

4. BJP will score a zero in Kerala, predicts AK Antony

Interesting declaration by AKA. Only thing is that wherever there is majority for Muslims faith and christian faith they have created Muslim league and Kerala congress and keep winning on the basis of their religion. Sadly, AKA have no issue with their religious politics!

5. Haryana Jats now want the rioters, looters freed

If this is the way to get demands met by the government then god save India because every community will do the same and the law of the jungle shall prevail. This should not be allowed and strict action taken against culprits.

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