Daily News Tadka – 30.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. 23% rise in pollution seen during the second phase of odd-even

The study by IndiaSpend, a portal that runs a network of ‘low cost sensors’ across the national capital.
Instead of going for some ad hoc/populist steps let the situation be properly studied by experts and get scientific solutions to get rid of pollution problems. Hopefully, Kejriwal’s idea of self advertisement through this also reduces.

2. BCCI can be reformed through judicial orders: SC

Path breaking outstanding judgement! So in future any public service will be reformed through judicial orders unless reform themselves as per needs of changing times within lawful limits. Monopolisation of cricket in India by the BCCI might be curbed by the strong decision of the Supreme Court for implementing Lodha Committee Report.

3. Agusta Westland Scam has Become a Noose for Congress: Smriti Irani

If they are really serious against corruption then speed up the investigations and put these bribe takers in Jail. Yesterday, a minister informed in Parliament that Investigation agencies has not yet demanded for Lalit Modi Extradition and deportation. Don’t know on what basis we should trust this government?

4. Chandy Files Defamation Suit Against Achuthanandan, Complains to EC

He had sought an apology from 93-year-old Achuthanandan for levelling ‘blatant and false’ charges against him and some of his cabinet colleagues during campaigning or face legal proceedings.

5. Fifth Phase of Polling to Decide Mamata’s Fate in West Bengal

TMC will come back with 2/3 majority. People of West Bengal will reject criminal CPM and corrupt Congress alliance. Also TMC already got majority in 1st 4 phase. People are with Mamata.


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