Karnataka BJP gets Yeddyurappa push

BJP in Karnataka has brought back Yedyurappa as state unit chief to bolster its chances of winning the state elections scheduled in 2018. Yedyurappa is credited with getting BJP entry into South India by leading it in forming the first BJP govt. in the state in 2007. He was embroiled in corruption charges which ultimately forced him to step down. This was the handi work of Ananth Kumar faction backed by Advani. Frustrated he formed his own party KJP and fought elections separately in 2013.
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KJP won 6 seats and garnered 9.8% vote share. BSR-Congress (Reddy brothers supporter party) also bagged 4 seats and 2.7% vote share. This was the primary reason for BJP’s loss. BJP seats reduced by 70 and vote share by 14%. If BJP + KJP + BSR (Congress) would have contested together, BJP would have won 77 seats / 32.4% vote share. The contest would have been much closer and there would have been a hung assembly situation. BJP could even have formed govt. with JDS.
CONGRESS 122 36.6% 100 36.6%
JDS 40 20.2% 35 20.2%
BJP 40 19.9% 78 32.4%
KJP 6 9.8%
OTHERS 12 10.8% 11 10.8%
TOTAL 224 100.0% 224 100.0%
Most of the corruption cases against him have been quashed as claimed by the party. What matters is that he is a mass leader and ensured BJP strong performance in LS polls 2014 (17 / 28 seats and 43.4% vote share). Sadly corruption is not an issue in Indian elections and polity. If it was Jaya would not have won many times, Lalu would not have made a comeback, Virbhadra could not continue as CM of Himachal, Chautala party would not have emerged as no. 2 in Haryana, Sardha chit scam would have impacted TMC prospects in Bengal, DMK and YSR Congress would have been wiped off in Tamil Nadu and Andhra. The list is long.
With Yedyurappa back BJP hopes to snatch the single largest state ruled by Congress as it is almost certain that it will lose Kerala. Yeddy is expected to give a big push to realize Modi’s Congress mukt Bharat dream.


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