Daily News Tadka – 27.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Arvind Kejriwal re-elected AAP National Convenor

This party also works on only one person. So they are saying no one else good other than one.
National Executive: So who should we elect as Convenor?
Kejriwal: Whats our party name?
Members: AAPKejri.
Kejriwal: Thanks Guys for electing me again.

2. Mamata rakes up 2G scam, slams Cong, BJP, CPIM

Any amount of struggle could not change cast status. Therefore, these were no upward or downward mobility of labor. Encouraged Untouchability: Caste system prohibited any physical Contact or communication between Brahmin and Shudra. Even if a Shudra was sighted by a Brahmin at certain house it was considered pollution. Shadow of Shudra failing on Brahmin would defile him. This it encourages untouchability. Oppression of Low Caste People.

3. ‘Swamy being used by PM for ‘muck raking’ agenda’

It is master stroke by the BJP to bring in Mr Swamy to Rajya sabha to check mate the Congress party.Once brought down to 42 MPs in Lok sabha, the rattled Congress party is behaving rather strangely in Rajya sabha and bringing the dignity of the upper house to almost naught. They are stalling the proceedings of the upper house on flimsy grounds on a daily basis which is causing great harm to the whole nation.

4. Uttarakhand to continue under Prez rule for now’

Uttarakhand will remain under President’s Rule for now, the Supreme Court said today, keeping status quo until it takes a final decision. A floor test that the state’s high court had ordered the Congress’ Harish Rawat to take on Friday will also not be held.

5. ED seeks to recall exemption given to Vijay Mallya

Something tells me nothing the Indian government, agencies, or even judiciary does will have any impact on this guy – he is out of the country, and probably has another nation’s passport by now along with residency. And he knows extradition is going to be messy, sitting in the UK – Indians will keep talking about this, but as usual, nothing will get done. Fellows like Vijay Mallya are not fools – they know how to cover their tracks.

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