Daily News Tadka – 25.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Parliamentary panel favours Vijay Mallya’s expulsion from Rajya Sabha

Why this delay in throwing him out of parliament, defaulter is runaway from this country one month ago still no action from the Rajya Sabha? This is damaging the status of the Rajya Sabha MP status globally.

2. Emulate Sonia’s example to curb graft, Maneka Gandhi tells officials in UP

They say,blood thicker than water, it is true in the case of Maneka Gandhi. The fountain head of corruption for 10 long years is being praised by a Union minister. One small instance and the minister quoting, cannot condone the crores of rupees looted under very nose. How bizarre it is?

3. Indo-Pak FS to meet; to talk Pathankot terror strike

India rather should concentrate to do the public relation exercise on international arena on how Modi Govt. facilitated everything it could and wanted to resolve the problem and what it got in return. It should sell these points to those who are helping Pakistan. China of course off limit at the moment but there are other civilized countries who still may be confused!

4. Chidambaram Slams Centre over Ishrat, Says Fake Encounter Real Issue

Modi don’t need to create any kind of perception for Congress, they have done enough themselves. The problem BJP is facing is that most of the political parties are against them. In fact, they are creating a lobby against Modi. If they take any action, it will further disrupt Parliament sessions. Not to forget, there are enough media channels who are misguiding people at every level. At least, if media does it job properly, lot of things will change.

5. Fourth Phase of WB Polls to Decide Fate of Trinamool Ministers

Muslims + Christians + Bangladeshis + bridge collapse syndicate people + Anti-Hindu People = TMC Votes, BJP has tough one ahead but I wish them good luck.
The unemployment in Bengal has been successfully used by successive political dispensation to further their cause. Imagine a local-hood where every household has employed member , you will seldom find problem in polling booth or interference by so called clubs or youth groups or extortion , because nobody has time to indulge in these activities. More the unemployment , more will be political bosses expanding their cadre base.

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