Daily News Tadka – 23.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Rahul attacks Mamata, PM Modi; seeks vote for Congress-CPI(M) in Bengal

Good to know he is still around and kicking, commenting about the caste problems. Did not hear his talk for two weeks or read his name in any newspaper, got deeply worried. Because with the absence of such characters Indian politics will loose its fun and entertainment quotient.

2. UTTARAKHAND TUSSLE-Speaker Seeks Dismissal of Disqualified Congress MLAs Plea

Strange arguments at the Courts and even these highly paid Lawyers try such illogical points to gain for their clients and it seems that ethical reasoning or saner thoughts to debate is the last thoughts in their minds while arguing these cases.

3. Will Unite Anti-BJP Forces, PM Post Depends on Destiny: Nitish

Nitish has started thinking that he is a PM material . Being soft spoken is good but one needs many more qualities to become a PM.
Nitish’s destiny is playing second fiddle to Laluji. This attribution to destiny apart, Nitish Kumar could be a good converging point for the next government.

4. Member of Erstwhile NAC Led by Sonia Gandhi Nominated to RS

Good economists, Sports persons, journalist is also essential in Rajya sabha. PM Modi must ensure that more people of different academic background enter Rajya sabha.
Anupam Kher might be sulking.

5. BJP promises Jallikattu, implementation of prohibition in Tamil Nadu

BJP is promising Jallikattu? something which has been banned by SC? shows its desperation and seriousness. BJP in Tamil Nadu, no visibility in action. Only appearing on Dravidan Channels for debates!

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