Daily News Tadka – 20.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Battle For The States: Third Phase of Polling in Bengal on Thursday

So far, voters in 105 of the total 294 constituencies have exercised their right to franchise on three dates, April 4, 11 and 17 in the first two phases. West Bengal is having a staggered six-phase election. Polling for the remaining phases will be held on April 25, 30 and May 5. Depends on how BJP performs. If BJP perform very badly then TMC will out of power (as all anti TMC vote will go to Left/Cong alliance) but BJP can give similar or bit low performance as in 2014 them Didi will be again in Power because of split in anti TMC votes.

2. Centre Yet to Decide on Tamil Nadu’s Plea to Free Rajiv Killers

It is a major political issue for the Dravidian and national parties ahead of the state elections. It is known fact that when the issue is pending before the apex court, the union government cannot decide the issue. The communication from the Government of India is only on these lines. Secondly, terrorism perpetrated by the Non State actors and also by the States deserves to be condemned. No body should forget the fact that none were hanged for the killing of thousands of Sikhs in the Streets of Delhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi ,even though the assassins of Mrs.Indira were executed after due process of law. Government of Tamil Nadu instead of seeking the concurrence of the Union Government to release them, shall invoke the constitutional provisions and require the Governor of the State to pardon them and release them immediately without waiting for the approval of the Union Government.

3. AAP Appoints Tihar DG, L-G Terms it Null and Void

Why cannot Kejriwal follow the constitutional norm? Investigated for graft by central agencies. It was a move by the NDA to pre-empt the AAP choice from taking position as DG prisons will be the allegation from AAP. AK may seek an appointment with the President to cry over his shoulder on his appointee the LG being a hindrance in his plans for good governance.

4. RBI strengthening consumer grievance mechanism’

On the one hand the RBI tells the Supreme Court that it does not know what is happening in the commercial banks, especially the PSBs it is supposed to control. It also subverts the RBI Act and refuses to tell what happened to the 12 or 15 lakh crores public money which was looted through the PSBs. The RBI head defends the “rich and famous” Indians who took their money to Panama to “invest” even though Panama has no genuine investment opportunities. Finally Rajan wants to detach the concept of morality from the looting of public money from PSBs.

5. Rafale deal finalised with the French govt, says BJP

Our reactors are much cheaper than any foreign reactors. But UPA Govt. signed the deal with USA. Though the deal was more beneficial to USA, so far American’s did not get any benefit. We got enough Uranium from Australia and Canada. As it is the Rafale is an unwanted deal and I will never support this kind of deals at any point of time. There is a proverb “Man Proposes, God Disposes”. We do not know the outcome. But one thing is sure that this deal is not going to increase the operational efficiency of IAF.


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