Daily News Tadka – 15.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Finally, A Deal. India To Buy 36 Rafale Jets For $8.8 Billion

So from 11 billion it is 8 billion. If Congress was in power it would be 11 billion to 15 billion via panama.
Jokes aside,  the original plan was to procure 126 planes at $10 billion. In April 2015, India agreed to pay $8 billion for 36 jets. Now we are paying $800 million more? 50% offset clause means, France will have to invest 4.5 billion USD in India. It means, India will sell out USD 4.5 billion only.

2. Vijay Mallya’s Diplomatic Passport Suspended For 4 Weeks

Revoking passport is a step is issuing a Interpol warrant. It’s better to get this rat out of the hole and fry it up with the heat. Too much of crony capitalism going around in the country with these billionaires looting the public of its money.

3. Gorkhaland Demand Remains Top Priority as Darjeeling Goes to Polls

During GLF, no power or water and chopping of heads! Does anyone want to go back to that?
People are aware of the critical appraisals of GLF and hopefully make the correct choice.

4. Siddaramaiah Misused His Power as CM, Says BJP

Good that he became party chief to remove previous government. Nothing is happening in KA except Annabhagya schemes keeping everyone under free ration for 5 years without giving earning opportunity. A Legislator should not only be honest but appear to be honest. If we take into this factor then the contract should be cancelled. If the Shri Siddharamiah does not do so, then the next government will do so. Having a government contract means a continued source of earning.

5. One killed, 3 injured in firing by security forces in Kashmir

The situation in the north Kashmir district has worsened following fresh casualties as more people are taking to streets against the killings.
The incident is being seen as an embarrassment for Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, who directed security agencies a day ago to not harm civilians during protests.

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