Daily News Tadka -14.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. People Will ‘Showcause’ Election Commission On May 19: Mamata Banerjee

In this case she is correct.EC is now joining the gang of opposition. Asansole district declaration is in public domain since Dec 15. How come EC show cause here with out verifying the fact. Just opposition complained and EC serve a notice mean Mr Zaidi is securing his RS seat post retirement.EC is no longer neutral any more. Once Jyoti Basu said EC is like a mad dog and that time communist were clapping on this comments. Now this opportunist party are crying foul.

2. Congress Undermining Legacy Of BR Ambedkar, Says PM Modi

If he is the PM because of Babasaheb he should show courage to publicly burn the ‘Manu Smruti’. Otherwise it will only be a ‘jumla’ for political mileage.
However, the idea of unity is important for this country. Dividing Hindus along the lines of caste severely affects the community. In the short term, the Dalits need extra support to rise to the same level as others. However, in the longer term, they would not want any alms from anyone. They want to be treated the same as anyone.

3. Rs 1 lakh cr for ports: PM | ‘Ports can boost GDP 1.4%’

Developing ports will definitely reduce the shipping costs. Mechanizing ports will reduce cost further , as the loading and unloading time will reduce.
But why can’t India take soft term loans and developers some key ports keeping in mind the future needs and security aspects?

4. Digvijaya’s Talk of Working With Nitish ‘Too Premature’: Congress

During the 2004 elections as also in 2009 and 2014 polls, Congress had gone for alliances at the state level with different partners but there was no national-level alliance. In the last Lok Sabha elections, Congress not only lost power but its tally plunged to an all-time low of 44 in the 543-member House as it was swept off by the Narendra Modi wave.
They seem to have lost the support.

5. With Maurya Helming BJP in UP, Congress May Revive Old Caste Combo

For congress ,manuwadis are enemies because of their association with the Periyar devotees for some MLA and MP seats.But they depend on maniwadi votes for survival in UP. That is why congress party will be celebrating the golden jubilee year of their defeat in Tamilnadu in 2017.

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