Daily News Tadka -12.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Temple fireworks mishap: 13 persons arrested

The process of investigation , filing of charge sheet and so on are completed swiftly and the appropriate punishment is meted out in a time bound manner. This aside, preventive measures have to be put in place.

2. BJP’s coalition with PDP to fight separatists: Jaitley

Does PDP believe in same programme? Because PDP is elected by Separatists mostly and Mehbooba has her commitment to these forces. How will this coalition govt fulfill J&K people desire when J&K’s most people don’t believe to stay with India?

3. SC wants loan defaults to be public, RBI not keen

One cannot understand why Govt is not bold enough to snap defaulters like Mallya. Apparently, bold moves long back could have reduced all the NPA in Indian Banks. The recent reduction of interest rates by Reserve bank is nothing but a ploy to overcome the losses of nationalized banks where the total bad debts very cleverly named as non performing assets could be very substantial running into thousands of crores of rupees.

4. Rahul Visits Mumbai’s Deonar Ground, Slams PM Over Swachch Bharat

You can take the Horse to the Water but you can’t make it Drink,
Mr. Modi has been quite serious about cleanliness, yes at times the Government Machinery may fall short, but we need to also put in effort to keep our surrounding clean which is the most basic hygiene habit we are thought since our childhood and how wrong it is for someone to oppose such a good initiative.

5. Uttarakhand HC refuses to stay disqualification of rebel Congress MLAs

Senior lawyer and Congress leader Kapil Sibal, representing the Speaker, argued against any relief to the rebel MLAs. Even Kapil Sibal dd not get a chance to speak. Quite an intense environment. The judge had also observed that deserting the leader and deserting the government is not synonymous with deserting the party and that dissent was not defection.

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