Daily News Tadka – 11.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Assam, Bengal Vote On Day 2 Of Elections; 1 Killed In Violence

India’s politics rotate around the vote bank.  Whoever rules the state, there will always be complain against them from people. But many a times it does not get translated to negative votes. Though incumbency works very often against the ruling party but not necessarily that it will drive them out. If we go by the poll prediction from different surveys, there is a fair chance that two states will re-elect the incumbent party and other two is heading for a change. A peaceful high voter turnout is expected so that mute dissent or support is explicitly expressed in voting machine. Hence majority view will be elected.

2. India gets $42 billion FDI during April-February: RBI 

We need to know the application of this money. Billions of Dollars are certainly flowing in but in which sector. A major portion of this funds seems to go to the stock market, hence it is incorrect to think that this is going into the Industrial sector. That’s why the market is volatile and many Banks are going into Foreign ownership.

3. Congress seeks judicial probe into NIT Srinagar unrest

Earlier, the Congress general secretary addressed a workers convention at the party headquarters. Being state subject centre should avid unnecessary interference. The Congress leader said the people of the state should be “cautious as only opportunism and compromises can be expected from the PDP-BJP coalition.”

4. BJP to launch campaign to make inroads in 52,000 UP panchayats

Empowering the poor and Dalits is the best way to go. Instead of reservation (or may be along with it) if money is spent on start/stand up India, considering 50% will be lost cases – the rest will be enough to cover the total cost by job created and tax they will pay.

5. Nitish Kumar elected as new JD(U) chief

Nothing is going to work in favor of Nitish, He has been exposed in India. People of Bihar is cursing themselves for giving him another chance. The jungle raj has back again in Bihar. Do you want to repeat Bihar in central level ?

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