Daily News Tadka -07.04.2016

PB’s twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. TMC stands for terror, maut and corruption: PM

Prime Minister Modi accused Ms Banerjee of spreading terror in the Bhabanipur assembly constituency where she is pitted against Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s newphew Chandra Kumar Bose. Modi is perhaps the first most hated and disliked PM. Most ant-BJP people address him as Modi and not as PM.
He is here not as PM but poll campaigner. Is it so difficult to understand?

2. No return invite: India probe team not going to Pak 

Accusing India to have staged the Pathankot Attacks, it is outrageous and one should not compare India with a poorest and corrupted state like Pakistan living with international Financial aide.

3. Disclose all assets by April 21: SC to Mallya 

Why so patiently the SC is asking for Mallya’s opinion when he will appear? Can’t they bring him to India by force? Will the SC and other courts in India have same patience with other defaulters like poor farmers, poor business people?

4. Arvind granted bail for the Defamation case

I think it is for each of AAP elected officials to rise above party politics and seriously consider if CM Arvind Kejriwal is devoted to the task he took upon himself and lead them to fulfill all the promises AAP made to the Delhiites. If they have doubts in his leadership and or their own competence to carry out the tasks for public offices they hold, they should say so at the AAP National Council to make it easy for Arvind Kejriwal to exit politics.

5. Congress DMK seat sharing finalsied

No one likes these two dynasties. Congress is lucky to get these 25 seats. no one will even associate with this corrupt dynasty of Sonia. So it is better congress takes what is given by DMK and go back to Delhi.

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