An Open Letter to Mamata Di


Contributed By: BongoRongo

Dear Didi,

I am very sure that this letter will also go into your book as ‘chokranto’ or a conspiracy hatched by your opposition, namely the CPIM. But you know, I am not from the CPIM, I never was and perhaps will never be for I could rarely align my beliefs with leftist ideologies.  Even when I was a starry eyed, school going kid with little or no knowledge of politics, I used to be your supporter. I have fought many of those mini wars in your support against my peers and even, teachers. And then, when I started to work, there was this wind of ‘poriborton’ or change in West Bengal. Slowly and steadily, the Left were backing up and finally in 2011, by virtue of a landslide victory, your party registered a mammoth win against the longest single party rule in any democratic structure. Unanimously, the…

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