Daily News Tadka – 06.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. NIT Srinagar Unrest: Will Ensure No Student Deals With Injustice, Says Smriti Irani

This is round 2 of Secularism in Kashmir, First was beating up of Kashmiri pandits now it will be of anyone who supports India. No one from RG or KJ gang is going to come here because dividing hindus and keeping caste system alive fetches them votes. If people get united under India or Hinduism, they will loose all elections. But, how can a party supporting Tricolor be blamed for people getting beaten up for raising tricolor?

2. Gandhi Vs Gandhi: Now Starring In Jewellers’ Protest

Nobody understands the real issue. The jewellers are not against paying one percent duty to the govt. as revenue which anyway they will collect from their customers. They are worried about the harassment meted out by dept. officials particularly the inspectors and jthe resultant corruption.

3. GDP calculation method imprecise, India to grow at 8%: CII

Looks like CII is smarter than RBI. They are optimistic on low interest, good monsoon, GDP calculation, ease of doing business, govt spending, etc. but in the one area they can influence i.e. capital investment, they are totally lacking.

4. Shah harps on nationalist identity as BJP completes 36 years

He noted that the BJP-led central government is moving forward while keeping the principle of ‘Ekatm Manav vad’ (Integral Humanism) as its central point and believed in ‘Sabka saath, Sabka vikas’. Along with praising Modi to attract as many votes possible.

5. Uttarakhand HC rejects Centre’s plea to adjourn hearing on a plea challenging President’s rule

Running in circle, no one knows where it started, where it will end.What happens to state expenses till the decision on ‘whether Budget has been legally passed or not’.
High Court decision on March 30 staying the floor test seems now seem as an error of Judgment.

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