Daily News Tadka – 05.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Bharat Mata Stabbed In The Back’ By BJP, Says Arvind Kejriwal

People have been waiting as to when this gentleman will open his mouth and speak out nuisance. He has formulated his opinion on the basis of pakistani media report which do not seem to be a tad better than Indian version.
It is entertaining but is this the politics we want? If you also behave like Modi and his minions did on their campaign trail, then whats the difference? He tried a strategy, it failed. We can laugh at him, abuse him but doesnt look good when elected representatives behave like this.

2. Assam Assembly Elections: BJP, Congress confident of victory after phase 1 voting

No definite trend can be deduced.Voting was lower than during LS.Does it mean Congress will gain? Bihar also showed that large numbers of women and first time voters came out.But BJP got lower number than even 2010.

3. This is the best Rajan could have done | RBI policy highlights

The steps taken by the previous governments drove many farmers to commit suicides. Now, the steps taken by the RBI Governor will lead to suicides of senior citizens (not covered in pension schemes) who deposited their meager retirement benefits with the banks. When Prices of pulses, Electricity bills, Vehicle insurances, Railway and bus fares, Government employees salaries are increasing what made him to decrease the interest rate.

4. Panama Papers, the case continues as list of Indians involved is revealed

If the Govt. is unable to take action against black money makers, it has no right to collect taxes from the citizen. Rather than adding tax to middle class people why not a stringent action be taken against the people who have millions and millions in their account. But no action would happen. All these cases would go like a blink of an eye and we would still continue on reading these as headlines and just lament on it.

5. Tamil Nadu polls: Jayalalithaa denies ministers tickets to contest Assembly election

As we can see Unlike DMK which named corrupted candidates like RAJA in last General Elections 2014, Jaya always dump people who bring disgrace to the Party. For her, Party’s reputation is more important than her old Loyalists. You may be deputy chief of the Party but if you made mistake be sure to be sacked and thrown into the dustbin in no time. She is the most loved and feared leader for her party members.

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