Daily News Tadka – 04.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Assam Assembly Election 2016: Phase 1 sees 70 percent voter turnout

Not sure why CPIM is contesting when they have no moral right to speak or fight election after continuously betraying people of lone ruled Tripura. How ? With a record (highest in India) 25.2% of unemployment Left ruled Tripura continues to bite dust of under-development and non-performance due to state’s outdated policies of being anti development and industry.

2. Solar scam: Kerala CM Chandy denies sexual harassment charges against him

Biju Radhakrishnan’s allegations about Oommen Chandi may very well be true. It is another matter whether the truth will actually come out or not. What benefit will Biju have if he had made the allegation without having the recorded tapes with himself or at least without knowing for sure whether Chandi had illicit relation with saritha? The answer is absolutely none.

3. West Bengal sees 80% turnout in phase 1, TMC hails Mamata’s ‘silent revolution’

CPIM will be wiped out from WB this time. They made a mistake by siding with Congress. Traditional CPIM votes will go to NOTA or MAMTA.

4. Jaya, Karuna decide candidates & alliances, get ready for Tamil Nadu polls

GK Vasan of the Tamil Maanila Congress is now left in the lurch as he’s not part of both the Dravidian parties. His contribution to the Congress’s overall vote base was over 2.5% in the past.

5. Panama Papers: Govt sets up multi-agency team | SIT to probe names 

Government appointed SIT for investigation. The team tenure for submitting report is not in few days. May be a year? By the time, things will be adjusted and diluted, as like Black money issue crop up in 2013-2014. Now, no one is bothered about Swiss Bank Black Money. Lost faith in bringing back Black Money by Government.

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