Daily News Tadka – 02.04.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. India Hits Back At China After It Blocks Ban On Masood Azhar At UN

China sells $80 Billions in surplus in trade to India – it must place punitive trade barriers. After 67 years, now, things hopefully will change. It has now a leader, who thinks of the nation continuously and acts determinedly, taking all the people along in spite of non stop, unacceptable criticism from most MSMs and a few committed left leaning intellectuals.

2. Enforcement Directorate Now Summons Vijay Mallya On April 9

No matter how many ever summons whoever issues, he is only eating away the time. Why was the Indian law and enforcement on a long slumber when they had an opportunity to apprehend the offender, now an absconder?

3. Rahul shares stage with Left leaders, favours coalition govt

Rahul sometimes seems to be more practical than Sonia. In Bihar he extended support to Nitish and in WB to the Left. That is the way of the future. Like-minded parties should not carry egos. Politics is the art of the possible.

4. India “failed” to provide evidence to Pakistan JIT on Pathankot attack

Their response is on expected lines. It looks like they were salivating to survey the entire Air Base. It goes to the credit of the officials concerned to have restricted their access. Aam Aadmi always had the feeling that this Pakistani JIT business was an exercise in futility. In all probability they were not frisked before entering the Base in order not to offend the “friendly neighboring country”.

5. Booster shot for markets! RBI likely to cut rates by 100 bps in 2016

What’s the point when commercial banks does not pass on benefit to borrowers and rather resort to cut deposit rates.

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