Daily News Tadka – 30.03.2016

PB’s twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Mallyagate: Received dues settlement offer from Kingfisher: SBI | ‘Ready to pay Rs 4K cr’

The offer from Mallya should not be considered as a’ one time settlement’. He being a willful defaulter is supposed to have his loan fully covered with the sufficient realizable primary and collateral securities. The banks must make all out efforts to realize the full outstanding amount with interest.

2. Amit Shah to launch NDA campaign in Kerala on April 9

Attacking the ruling UDF, Nadda said, “the bad name brought to the state due to scandals and scams with involvement of Chief Minister and other ministers have to be removed.”
Amit Shah or no Amit Shah, BJP doesn’t seem to have a great chance in Kerala.

3. Centre trying to topple all Congress ruled states: Sonia Gandhi

No need for others to topple the existing Congress Governments in States. They themselves are sufficient for that.

4. NDA will stop infiltration from Bangladesh into Assam, says Rajnath

Isn’t BSF already doing the same?
He claims to seal the Indo Bangladesh border completely. It will be great if these promises actualize in reality.

5. High Court stays Uttarakhand assembly floor test till April 7 

In case of Arunachal Pradesh court upheld the centre ‘s decision on President rule. Centre cannot decide based on their inputs of their supporters. Centre has messed although Rawat Government is at fault.
This will lead to further distancing between the ruling and opposition parties, and was totally unwarranted.

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