Daily News Tadka -28.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Uttarakhand Battle Moves To Court, Congress Challenges President’s Rule

The destruction of the geologically fragile and highly eco-sensitive regions of the state with rampant deforestation, slope cutting, blasting of rocks, haphazard disposal of debris, riverbank constructions had enhanced landslides during 2013 flash flood and deluge that washed away roads, bridges and other infrastructure. The YSR family and Bellary Reddy brothers had abused the entire democratic system with legitimate corruption, terror tactics using Maoists, illegal mining and RedSanders smuggling mafia.

2. Around 70 Killed, Hundreds Injured In Blast at Pakistan Park

Who has done more crime and barbarity is not the moot point. Can we spare a thief saying there are dacoits who have not been punished or have robbed more. These escapist mindset has brought us to stoop this low , which is now destroying us. The question now is not your religion or my religion , its humanity is at stake now.

3. Haryana Cabinet approves Jat reservation bill

Nice way to achieve any thing in India, block the roads, burn the trains, trouble to common people and you achieve what u want. Great days a head for democracy.
What is the total percentage of quota available now? You cannot go beyond 50% So from where is the adjustment done? this will displease that section, and we should witness another mass protest or this will again be challenged in Supreme court, which will again cancel it. So the politicians are shifting the blame to judiciary now.

4. Sena questions BJP-PDP alliance, asks if Mehbooba will chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’

Media and political parties know the difference very well between the constitutional intricacies in a demcracy like ours and the code of personal conduct. But their interest lie in fanning the controversy not in extinguishing the wrong spark.

5. Pathankot ‘crime scene’ in NIA hands: Parrikar 

We have specifically refused permission to go anywhere in the air base. However, the area where the actual crime scene took place has been handed over long back to the NIA for investigation. Who has to be taken there, who investigates depends on the decision of the NIA,” the defense minister said.While the minister refused to comment on the correctness of the NIA to allow permission, he said that the `crime scene’ has been completely barricaded from the rest of the base – both visually and physically.

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