Daily News Tadka – 26.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Sting video fake, says Harish Rawat; Congress calls it BJP’s ‘dirty trick’

The tradition of using sting tapes was first supported by congress during tahalka tapes. It’s all Nehruvian morality and ethics that has been ingrained into Indian politicians blood over the years! Didn’t one famous man of India from south said “corruption is a form of art”?

2. Tamil Nadu Congress may push for at least 45 seats from DMK

Both Congress and DMK are untouchables. People in TN are fed up with these two parties, put India and TN backwards and stone-age, however many seats they take.

3. Vijay Mallya’s debt case may be studied at IIM-A

What case study? About business ethics or how oil can take toll of a business or how to recover money from defaulter. Its not a study at all. It would be a better study about the fiasco of banks in preventing or aiding willful defaulters. There may be truth in Mallayas intelligence in using that but more so it seems it is the willful stupidity the banks shows when it do private sector loans.

4. PM Modi slams Cong for Bangladeshi influx in Assam

It may not be fair to blame Congress for the influx of Bangladeshis into Assam in large numbers when across the street in Tripura and elsewhere is Bangladesh and Bangladeshis do not look different and speak fluent Bengali and therefore Bangladeshis cannot be identified as separate, distinctive lot.

5. I have no personal knowledge about Ishrat Jahan: David Headley 

A terrorist is not supposed to know each and every Sleeper cells through out the world.
Already so many Government officers have bluntly stated the dreadful activities of UPA top leaders in Ishrat Jehan encounter incident. But what public are asking the present Government is a through enquiry in establishing the connivance of Congress leaders in their reprehensible activities bordering on sedition by compromising the country’s security.

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