Daily News Tadka – 25.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Sreesanth Joins BJP, To Contest Kerala Elections From Thiruvananthapuram

Politics aside, even though, he was given clean chit in the IPL case, makes no difference. Before election BJP wiped out from Tamil Nadu after election you can see in Kerala.
Bhakts are complaining still.

2. Samajwadi Party announces 143 candidates for 2017 Uttar Pradesh polls

Mayawati is coming back to win UP elections in 2017. Akhilesh’s  goose is cooked. he has been a complete failure on the law and order front not that he has been any successful on any other front. Though educated, he is as superstitious as a class 10 fail student.

3. Deadlock in J&K to end as BJP backs PDP for government formation

They will meet the governor soon and nominate 2-3 leaders who would then go forth and form  the government. Finally some arrangement that will lead to the conclusion of the J&K situation.

4. China-backed bank says more than 30 nations await membership

This will affect the monopoly of the US dollar. Chine looking forward to beat the us dollar by this AIIB policy. Its a wise move by china government. China is the same path as US did earlier.

5. Mayawati rakes up quota demand in private sector

There is no question that economically deprived have to be helped. But keep IIT, NIT out of reservation. There is no meaning. However, it has to be ensured that economically deprived stand an equal chance. Provide them free coaching. Fees. Books. Transportation.

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