Daily News Tadka – 23.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Vijayakanth dumps DMK, BJP; joins hands with Vaiko-led for PWF for Tamil Nadu polls

The weird Vijayakanth success story is over. I don’t know who voted for him in the last election, but those people will certainly not vote for him again. He has no ideology, no strategy and certainly no future. The Left should not make the mistake of aligning with him. Atleast, Vaiko and Tiruma have a political following. The Left should concentrate on building its own strength in TN even if it takes time.

2. JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar reaches HCU to join student protests

This whole debacle has made Mr. Kumar, a fervent Communist, a hero and a symbol of the fight for liberty. There are many good people who deserve support from we the liberals of India; but he is not one of them. He makes a good symbol: poor, brave, persistent in his struggle; but he is not a true liberal. The fame the last few months have brought him would have been more useful if conferred upon someone like Alok Dixit or Aseem Trivedi.

3. No new conditions from PDP accepted, says BJP

Discipline in armed forces is supposed to be maintained by commanding officers and generals/admirals and air marshals. Not by chappal wearing civilians. Why has such a complaint been leaked out to media? Who is responsible – defense ministry or service headquarters? Army is not like a union controlled organization nor it should be. There is a mechanism for statutory and non-statutory complaint mechanism which is addressed by chiefs and defense ministry but there is no reason why a serving officer RM directly.

4. BJP claims support of at least 5 more Congress-PDF MLAs

What a drama? People are made fools by political parties to stick to seat without required numbers and to switch sides on their personal interest.

5. Government approves India-UAE pact for $75 billion investment in NIIF

All it takes it to create proper systems n channels to attract investments. This was what was missing earlier despite all foreign degree holding policy makers. Modi n team may lack dept intellectually, but India right now just needs a dedicated bunch like them who will put systems in place, far better than high intellects who just create chaos n negative environment.

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