Daily News Tadka -18.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1Day After Amit Shah-Mehbooba Mufti Meet, Talks Hit A Wall Again

Hydro-power of all states are controlled by the Central government as long as project is funded by central government, how come JK ask for state property. Bad luck for J&K. It’s better to go for re-election if extending the president rule is a concern or not possible.

2. After Uttarakhand Assembly Chaos, BJP Stakes Claim To Form Government

This is how politics works in India. It is unfortunate that the horse was the victim and immediate reports in the media (out of competition, as to who would report first) beamed that the MLA of BJP physically hit the horse so badly that its leg was broken. But later when it came to light that the breaking of the leg was not due to beating, but due to the horse skidding over, a simple report of fact was made in the media. But the damage was already done and the public already formulated the opinion about the villainous character . The intent in politics seems to be how to ensure that one can somehow gain upper hand and ensure that incidents like this get more-than-deserving space to rouse the sentiments of the people one way or the other.

3. JNU’s Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya Get Bail, Kanhaiya Kumar Order Helps

The bail was granted  by a court that observed that “both are highly educated persons”, and along with no previous criminal record, it is expected of these educated men to do more good for the society than bad in future.

4. Interest Rate On PPF Deposit Slashed, Effective April

Unless these rates are reduced, real interest rates in the economy will never come down. Banks cannot raise deposits at lower rates and lend onwards. Inflation is also down.

5. Bihar lawmakers get microwaves – Bihar Me Bahar!

After the Budget is presented, the thanksgiving begins; each department hands out its gifts on a different day.
It’s not about one party or the other. Any party doing this should be slammed. Who’s paying? The common man? So why are they not being given microwaves as well?

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