Daily News Tadka – 17.03.2016

PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Heineken may ask Mallya to step down from UB board

It is a great wonder to a common man who seek loan from the bank has to face strengthen procedure laid by the banks. It is very clear for everybody’s eyes that it is a big rocket in public sector banks acted on behest of Mallaya with the help of FM who was in charge of the ministry. This shows it is a clear cognizable act purported to be played by the FM in charge of the ministry find out First put that man in charge of Finance ministry to jail and official involved in the loan mela should be penalized before attempting Mallaya.

2. Cong attempt to “defame” Modi to figure at BJP meet

Actually what is happening is so skillfully planned that neither the government nor the intelligence outfit nor even the BJP Wallas understand the game. In short, it is to catch each word/expression uttered by the Prime Minister and rubbish it in the filthiest manner.

3. AIUDF, RJD, JD(U) form grand alliance against BJP in Assam; invite Congress

If Congress aligns with AIUDF, they will consolidate the Muslim voters in Assam but permanently lose Hindu voters. If they contest alone, there is pretty high chance they will lose but at least they can contest future elections in the state.

4. BJP vs CPM: Kerala in the grip of violence ahead of Assembly polls

Kerela has very diverse state and BJP is a party which does not go well with diversity. Hopefully BJP will perform worse than Delhi in Kerela. Violence looks to be part of BJP’s election campaigning strategy, we will this in Assam, UP and WB too.

5. Difficult to accept Congress demand to cap GST rate: Arun Jaitley

Inflation rate do not remain stable , so how GST rate can be caped. Caped GST rate may go against public interest , against nation interest when Inflation rate varies.
If jaitley can field AADHAR as Money bill in LS and get away with it , why not GST as money bill in LS and teach this party a lesson ?

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